Labelling Machines

Aztro model A-Line G4 Labelling Machine

Built from stainless steel to Australian high standards, these machines are available as left or right hand models. The label head can apply labels to the front or back (or both) of most shapes of containers. The speed of the labelling machine can be adjusted to match production line speeds or set to automatically track line speed.

The user-friendly 8 way hand wheel adjustment on the labelling head ensures that the label position can be precisely and accurately positioned on the container. The state-of-the-art labelling head with servo drive ensures accurate and consistent label positioning. Most containers and labels can be managed without change parts. In extreme cases with high line speeds, feed scroll spacers are utilised.

All machine controls and settings are set with intuitive touch screen, centrally mounted on the machine with 360 degree operation. The Aztro A-Line G2 range of labelling machines have PMC control, can be fitted with a range of options to include product inspection and reject modules.


  • Control cabinet with 5" touch screen HMI
  • PMC (programming motion controller), programmed for:
    • format storage, storing of up to 100 label formats
    • I/O ports
    • shift register for product detecting
  • Setting of:
    • label dispensing speed (up to 30Mt/min depending on label width)
    • label offset
    • labelling delay batch counting
  • Machine fully synchronised via shaft encoder for ease of set up
  • Stepper or servo motor driven side mounted label heads fully adjustable
  • Wind up/down, in/out label head adjustment with vernier indicators
  • Tilt and angle label head adjustments with verniers
  • Machine operating status light tower
  • Low label roll detection
  • Product conveyor
  • Stainless steel frame
  • Stainless steel panels and equipment cabinets


  • Product spacer scroll
  • Vacuum wrap module
  • Aligner module for oval shaped containers
  • Top stabilising belt
  • Thermal printer to overprint "use by" and "batch" details on labels
  • Ink jet or laser printer to print "use by" and "batch" details on containers
  • Label and print verification
  • Barcode scanner
  • Clear label sensor or clear labels with metallic foil
  • Fully interlocked machine guarding
  • Other options are available on request


  • Power supply: single phase 240 Vac 50Hz 10 Amp
  • Air Supply: 6 bar/90psi (maximum) dry uncontained, continuous air supply
  • Conveyor Height: 900mm +/- 50mm
  • Conveyor Length: 3000mm
  • Conveyor Width: 83mm (options 114mm, 191mm or 250mm)
  • Conveyor Speed: 30Mt/min (options 40Mt/min, 80Mt/min or 100Mt/min)
  • Label Head Height: 200mm (options 265mm)
  • Label Placement Accuracy: +/- 1mm (subject to any container tolerance variations)
  • Maximum Diameter Label Roll - 300mm (options 400mm or 500mm)
  • Maximum Label Core Size: 76mm
  • Minimum Label Core Size: 32mm
  • Machine Weight: Approximately 380kg (standard machine without options)