Labelling Machines

Aztro model Enterprise R-G4 Labelling Machine

Round container labelling only

Built from a stainless steel base to Australian high standards, these machines are available as right hand and left hand models only. The single label head can apply a single label or front or back (alternate labels) to paralles sided round containers only.

The speed of the labelling machine can be adjusted to match production line speeds.

The user-friendly 2 way adjustment on the labelling head ensures that the label position can be precisely and accurately positioned on the container. The state-of-the-art labelling head with servo motor ensures accurate and consistent label positioning.

Most parallel sided round shaped containers can be managed with a minimum of change parts.

All machine controls and settings are set with intuitive touch screen control, centrally mounted on the machine. The Aztro Enterprise R-G4 range of labelling machines all have PLC control and can be fitted with a range of options as required.


  • Touch screen control 4"
  • PLC, programmed for:
    • format storage, up to 50 label formats
    • I/O ports
    • shift register for product detecting
  • Setting of:
    • label dispensing speed (up to 20Mt/min depending on label width)
    • label offset
    • label delay
  • One servo motor driven side mounted label head
  • Wind up/down label head adjustment
  • Wrap in place module (up to 100% label wrap or a front & back label off the same roll)
  • Start/stop and emergency shut off button
  • Base structure of stainless steel
  • Stainless steel equipment cabinet


  • Low label roll detection with alarm
  • Thermal printer with mounting bracket (printing "use by" & "batch" detail on labels)
  • Label orientation sensor
  • Change par roller wrap modules
  • Rotary in feed table (up to 1000mm diameter)
  • Rotary pack off table (up to 1000mm diameter)
  • Clear label gap sensors (or clear labels with metallic foil)
  • Additional conveyor length in 0.5 meter sections
  • Machine guarding
  • Other machine options are available on request


  • Power supply: single phase 240 Vac 50Hz 10 Amp
  • Air Supply: 6 bar/90psi (maximum) dry uncontained, continuous air supply
  • Conveyor Height: Made to order
  • Conveyor Length: Made to order
  • Conveyor Width:  100mm 
  • Conveyor Maximum Speed:  20Mt/min
  • Label Head Height: 200mm
  • Label Placement Accuracy: +/- 1mm (subject to any container tolerance variations)
  • Maximum Diameter Label Roll - 300mm
  • Maximum Label Core Size: 76mm
  • Maximum Product Diameter: 110mm
  • Minimum Product Diameter: 18mm
  • Machine Weight: Approximately 150kg (standard machine without options)